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How to lease a single-family home with bad credit?

I once suffered from bad credit and poor rental history from multiple broken leases. Texas is the home of second chance leasing but what happens when you actually need a third or fourth chance? It became extremely difficult to find an apartment that would work with me. I began to think outside of the box and explored other alternatives. Are you in the market of looking for a single-family home, townhome, duplex or condo for lease and need someone that will work with less than good credit? Here are a few sources that I recommend because I have personally used them.

  1. you can find decent rental homes that do not require a voucher. I found a nice 3/2/2 rental on this site a few years ago.
  2. be careful with this source as they have become a little spammy over the years.
  3. you can usually find some affordable rentals on this site.
  4. The Greensheet- you may be able to find a few rental homes but you will have to find images of the homes through a google search since this is usually a printed ad.

You may also consider contacting a real estate agent that specializes in leasing. With all options that you explore, you will need to confirm if the landlord or property manager offers second chance leasing and what their rental qualifications are.

Hope this helps!